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Wine Storage Ideas

Wine is a key aspect of our daily lives. However, when it comes to interior design, having functional yet elegant wine storage is rarely thought out. Having a glass of wine after work or when entertaining guests is common for many households. Although, when I have been working with many building companies they seem to ensure the wine cellar is far away from the entertaining area. Below are some ideas for your next interior design project.


Showcase Your Wine Storage Collection

Many of my clients in Melbourne are looking to incorporate wine storage in their home or apartment. Wine has become a large part of the Melbourne lifestyle with more households looking to entertain friends and family. More of my clients over time have taken a profound interest in the wine making process. This has translated into them creating a collection of their favourite wines that they are looking to store in their home. I always recommend to my clients to showcase their wine storage in an elegant and refined way. Whether this is through softly angled down lights which highlight the labels or recessing them into the cabinetry, little tricks when designing the space can ensure the whole space is being used efficiently. The common mistake is when clients build these great big structures away from the entertaining areas.


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Adds Appeal and Investment Through Wine Storage

Taking the time to ensure your wine storage has been carefully thought out in the design process, adds value and appeal to your home. Many of my clients when designing their home tell me they are never going to sell it. However, circumstances may change and when designing your home, the thought of reselling needs to be factored in. Wine storage adds that appeal and value to your property. Adding wine storage to your home can be done so easily in the design stage of your renovation or new build.


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I would encourage you to also look at this Houzz Article for Wine and Design: Storage to Keep Your Collection Within Reach. The recommendations made to my clients on design ideas, can be incorporated into your next project.


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