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Affordable Kitchens

Many ideas have come from decorating kitchens in Melbourne and overseas. As a result, the ideas stemmed from my experience should help with your next project. A common misconception is the inability to have a luxurious yet affordable kitchen. Many designers find it hard to adapt to the clients limited budget. A key aspect of my interior design process is always starting from scratch. That way, new ideas or concepts seen by my clients can be adapted to their design goals. Throughout my 35 years in the industry, I have noted a few key changes in the design of the kitchen.


Affordable Kitchens: Clean and Refined For Entertainment

Modern Melbourne interior design has been heavily influenced by the European style. As a result, the modern kitchen has transitioned away from being rooms apart from the living area. By incorporating the kitchen within the family/living area it comes with the need for clean and refined design. Therefore, having clean lines and contrast within the kitchen design is more important now as it is on show to house guests. As seen below, I recently incorporated a modern open style kitchen in my Black Estates: Mont Albert property.

Affordable Kitchen Melbourne Interior Design

Affordable Kitchens: Butlers Pantry a Necessity

Due to the modern kitchen being on show within the living and dining area, a butlers pantry is a must. Taking all the messy kitchen cooking away from the main kitchen bench area to the butlers pantry is essential for entertaining. Therefore, another kitchen within the kitchen can help with the preparation of meals. Furthermore, it allows for the clean and refined yet affordable main kitchen to be showcased. I always try to incorporate a butlers pantry into my clients designs. However, if the space is not suitable and not within the clients design goal then this key feature of the kitchen is left out. As the case is for many designers in Melbourne, they forget to think of the clients using the space. Therefore, as I always mention to my clients,  interior design is about what the client wants not what, we as designers, want.

Affordable Kitchen Melbourne Interior Design

(source: Judy Ross- Bunnage)

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