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Why Jane Gorman?

Classic Period Residence

Our interior designer Jane Gorman is an accomplished and innovative interior designer from Melbourne. Drawing inspiration from Melbourne’s eclectic mix of cultures and architectural styles, Jane brings a unique blend of sophistication and contemporary flair to her projects.

Jane’s designs seamlessly merge functionality with artistic expression, creating spaces that are both visually stunning and tailored to the individuality of her clients.

As a prominent figure in Melbourne’s design scene, interior designer Jane Gorman is known for her ability to transform spaces into captivating environments. Jane’s portfolio reflects the diversity of Melbourne’s lifestyle, and her designs resonate with those who seek a perfect balance between form and function.

Jane’s dedication to creating timeless and inspiring interiors has garnered her recognition and a clientele that spans across Melbourne and Australia.

Whether you’re dreaming of a cosmopolitan urban retreat or a serene suburban sanctuary, Jane’s expertise will elevate your space, creating an environment that is a true reflection of your style and personality.

Experience the transformative power of design with Jane Gorman, redefining luxury one space at a time.

client love

"Jane made our home reflect our personal style beautifully. We were worried about losing control but she listened to our ideas and we love our new space."
"We're a busy family and Jane was a lifesaver. She made our house stylish but still practical - it's really made a difference to our lives!"
"Jane’s expertise helped sell our property quickly. Her design sense attracted the right buyers and increased the property’s value."
Modern Townhouse

Any Design Style and Any Space

Jane has worked with every kind of indoor space, and plenty of outdoor spaces as well. Homes, offices, penthouses, apartment lobbies, houseboats, hotels and more, she’s worked across many projects.

Jane Gorman Decorators & Developers offers design services for any kind of style and space. Our interior designer Jane Gorman is an expert in identifying the aesthetic that a client desires. Jane says that every client has their own style, they just don’t know it yet.

Jane builds a fully customised and individual style for every single one of her clients.

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