Above all, when Interior Designer and Decorator Jane Gorman works for her clients it is important to hear feedback.

Even more, without feedback, Jane would be left wondering how can she improve her service. As a result, Jane’s Interior Design Testimonials are listed below from past clients. However, many of these reviews and more are visible on our Houzz Page. As a result, Jane has been fortunate to win for five years in a row a Best of Houzz Service Award. Hence, this award is based on the number of positive and highly rated reviews a business receives every year. Therefore, in order to win this award that business must have more positive reviews than others surrounding it. 

As a result of receiving these awards to showcases Jane’s high quality service that is provided on every project. This is reflected in the large number of positive reviews which Jane appreciates. Furthermore, Jane finds it very humbling to be talked about in such high regard from her clients and colleagues. Above all,  Jane delivers on her promises and always ensures her clients are happ. Hence, it is the most important aspect of her work. Also, the clients are the people who have to live in the space that Jane is designing.

Every year Jane is blown away by the kind and thoughtful people she meets and works for. Therefore, Jane appreciates all comments from her clients and always ensures they receive the highest quality service in design possible.

As a result, we welcome you to read our Interior Design Testimonial section below.

Testimonials From Clients

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