Modern Fireplaces

Modern Fireplaces

When designing and decorating a residential home, a fireplace for those cold winters is a must. Whether the clients are seeking a traditional fireplace or a modern fireplace depends on their design goals. The common trend these days for many of my clients is incorporating a modern yet functional fireplace. Melbourne interior designers tend to put the fireplace in the space and allow it to become lost. Having the confidence in your clients design goals is essential when designing a modern fireplace which aims to be a feature of the space. I have a few design tips for your next fireplace design which should be noted.


Centre the Modern Fireplace:

Many interior designers, I have found when coming into a space, off-centre the fireplace. Hiding the fireplace in the corner of the room is often seen. Therefore, by not centring the fireplace it immediately creates a sense of unbalance in the room. Furthermore, it also creates issues with furniture placement surrounding the fireplace. As seen below in my latest project, by designing the fireplace in the centre of the room, it allows for functionality in heat disbursement.


Use of Gas Fires in Modern Fireplace:

Rarely would I ever recommend the use of a real fireplace in my clients home. The general maintenance on the fireplace alone is enough to shy away from them. At the end of a long day, the last thing people want to do is chop wood and/or clean out their fireplace. The use of gas fireplaces creates a steady and luxurious flame. A modern gas fireplace allows the client to experiment with different styles and themes (ie. pebble or fake wood).


Raise the Modern Fireplace:

Wherever possible, I recommend to my clients to raise their fireplace to knee height. As a result of raising the fireplace it creates a sense of opulence in the room. The modern fireplace should be refined, sexy and elegant to look at. A practical element in raising the fireplace is safety from pets and small children. Many of my clients have small children and animals. By raising the fireplace it removes the danger associated with accidental burns.


Modern Fireplaces


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