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Melbourne is known for it’s very warm summers and very cold winters. Being able to use your space all year around and not be governed by the weather is important when designing. Having been an interior designer and decorator for over 35 years, I have understood the importance of designing practical spaces for Melbourne’s climate. I have recently just completed ‘The Birdcage’, a luxe outdoor winter space for guests of Finch & Jane to use all year around. There are several key features of this space which I have outlined below:

Outdoor Fire and Mantle

When designing ‘The Birdcage’, I incorporated a luxe mantle that I collected from an old Victorian property in Ivanhoe. The mantle is painted pink to match the colour of Finch & Jane’s bar. This is an important design element because it brings the indoors outside and creates linkage between the spaces. I have also installed the latest in electric fireplaces in the mantle to create ambience in the space. The fireplace also acts as a source of heat with the electric fan ensuring the guests are kept warm.

Luxe Cushion Wall

When designing an outdoor space, the comfort that is often associated with being inside needs to be brought through to the exterior. This has been done with the navy blue cushion wall.  This wall allows guests to be kept comfortable as if they were sitting inside. The colour choice was important as it kept within the interior theme of dark navy blue. Guests therefore feel as if they are part of the luxe interiors.


Customised Canvas Roof

The most important aspect of the outdoor winter space was the ability to bring the outdoors in. Having customised the canvas roof, it allowed for the beautiful gum trees to be incorporated into the birdcage. Guests are able to look up to our roof of fairly lights and the night sky without being exposed to the elements.

Use of Fake Floral

By incorporating 100’s of UV protected fake ivy garland around the birdcage structure, it hid the metal frame. Furthermore, by using the fake floral, it allowed the guests to be surrounded by outdoor greenery. This creates a unique winter garden experience whilst staying warm.

These concepts have been incorporated into a commercial setting, however they are relevant for any residential interior design project. Being able to create your own winter escape by bringing the outdoors in is more important than ever as Melbourne transitions into cold and bitter nights.


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