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The Perfect Walk In Wardrobe

A walk in wardrobe has always been seen as the ultimate luxury for those who could afford to design and build one. However, this myth has been busted by Melbourne based Interior Designer and Decorator Jane Gorman (a.k.a. me!), as I have been offering my clients a unique, yet cost effective way of designing the perfect walk in wardrobe.


Select a Unique Shape

When designing a walk in wardrobe for my clients, it is essential to work with the clients and builder to ensure the design and shape is practical. The traditional shapes of a walk in wardrobe have been either a ‘L’ or ‘U’ shape. However when I work with my clients I do not offer them a template that has been used in previous homes. I always look at the space and incorporate a new design that works for them. This allows me to work within the limited space I have to create a practical shape for my clients to enjoy.

Need Good Storage

A walk in wardrobe needs to have storage. From a clients perspective, the design will be rendered useless and nonsensical if it cannot incorporate enough storage for their needs. The use of deep well lit shelves for shoe storage together with deep hanging space allows for my clients to have their personal effects stored away without intruding on the space.

Seating Areas

This option is a necessity for women as I myself appreciate the ability to sit when getting ready in my space. However, when it comes to design, I have seen many designers obstruct the space by placing the seating area in the middle of the wardrobe. This creates a disjointed look and does not maximise the space. I have suggested to my clients and have incorporated this into my own walk in wardrobe the idea of placing the seating area to one side out of the way but still within the space.


Colour Palette

My advice to clients is to keep an elegant and soft colour palette when designing a walk in wardrobe. Always going with the soft greys, whites and neutral colours allows the client to have certain statement pieces that do not detract from the overall space. Furthermore, having a soft colour palette creates a timeless look that will increase the value of the property.

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