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Why Hire an Interior Designer?

I have many people call me and say I have never used an interior decorator before and how does the process work. They also ask what is the benefit in working with an interior designer/decorator. 

My response is always the same……..

Why Hire an Interior Designer? – Save Money, Increase Property Value!

The main reason to use an interior designer /decorator is because I have a trained eye for design and colour. Therefore I will save you a lot of money in making sure that the correct fabrics, colours and designs are chosen the first time. As a result, saving you on making any expensive mistakes. I have been to many homes where they have tried to do it themselves. My clients can see that their choices have been wrong. Hence,  I get the phone call to say I need help. The other scenario I usually get told is that I am feeling completely over whelmed with trying to decorate my home and I have no idea what I am doing. “I have tried and I know what I like but I have no idea how to put it together and where to purchase the goods” is another common scenario.  

The first question I ask is what work they feel is required in the home. I refer to this as getting a brief from them. During this time I am also able to explain to them that as an interior decorator and designer that I supply and install all the furnishings. Therefore relieving them of all the stress of trying to find the goods and install them. I also explain that I can supply reliable and trustworthy trades, should the brief that they have given me include renovation work.

Why Hire an Interior Designer? – In Home Consultation

The next step is that I recommend booking in for an initial, one hour, in home consultation. During this conversation I also explain my fee’s for the initial consultation and my ongoing hourly rate. During the initial consultation in their home I also show my clients various fabrics. We would then look at various suppliers catalogues and websites.  After the in-home consultation I would prepare a detailed quotation based on what was discussed.
Once the quotation is accepted and the deposit is paid we then work together to finalise all our selections. Orders are then placed with my suppliers that only deal with interior decorators/designers.  Therefore you are assured of getting a vey unique and gorgeous interior that no one else has!    


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Why Hire an Interior Designer?


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