Interior Spaces in Summer

Interior Spaces in Summer

With summer fast approaching and when working with clients, I like to draw inspiration from the outdoors. 

Is there a pool in the back yard that is viewed from the meals area or family room? If so, then I like to use the colours of the pool in our fabrics, rugs or artwork.  Therefore, it feels like the outside is part of our interior space with the beautiful blues of the pool and the shades of blues in the sky.
However, if there is a beautiful garden that we can use, I use these colours to inspire the client to feel relaxed and calm while enjoying their interior spaces. The garden may have a colour theme to it that we can use as well. The beautiful shades of greens of the foliage would compliment your garden and be used in the space.  


Is the property near the beach? The environment and the way the spaces are to be used will influence the choice of fabrics, textures and finishes. Gorgeous sand tonings and sunset colours mixed together with teak are always a great beach vibe. 

Summer can also mean that clients may be looking for ways of decorating the space that will give them a lovely cool feeling during those hot summer days. However, when winter comes again I make sure that the space feels warm and cosy.  The cool shades of whites and creams with accent colours of charcoals and earthy toning’s work well together. 

Many people work from home these days and like to look out their window and feel motivated. Therefore, the outside very much becomes part of the interior space. Looking out onto a lovely water feature is always calming and relaxing while trying to meet deadlines. The choice of colours in the water feature and the choice of fabrics and colours in the home office work best when they have linkage. This can range from black and white toning’s with a touch of our favourite colour to keep us inspired.  


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