What’s trending this spring/summer?

What’s trending this spring/summer?


Mirrored furniture is not what it appears at first glance, and that’s why we love these pieces! Mirrored cabinets and tables are beautiful on their own and there are many opportunities for customisation. The real genius of this furniture though is that they simultaneously fit into and stand out of any space they are put in. Light will reflect off the mirror panels in beautiful and interesting ways, whilst the panels also reflect the colours of the space around them.


Mirrors are well-known for making a space appear larger, and mirrored furniture can help achieve this too! The furniture will appear to not occupy much space at all as it reflects the materials around it.


Gentle curves are trending, particularly in combination with soft shades or bright bursts of colour and plush fabrics. We love the feeling of luxury this furniture creates whilst also being extremely comfortable for lounging. The curves are unobtrusive to allow you to move easily around your space.


Curved edges are also attractive for tables and other furnishings that are traditionally exclusively right-angled. This modern take on furniture design is sure to refresh your living spaces and the curved edges make these pieces perfect for rooms of all sizes!


This summer classic never goes out of style, however you do want to make sure that you invest in quality construction. A combination of rattan and luxurious fabrics will help this furniture fit seamlessly into your space.

Combining rattan and fabrics creates a modern upmarket piece of furniture which will be comfortable to sit on in warmer weather whilst being beautiful and unique to look at.


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