Luxury is quality

Luxury is quality; design, materials and craftsmanship

There is an abundance of interior design inspiration online and plenty of retailers will offer tempting deals. However, luxury is created when quality materials and craftsmanship are combined with clever interior design.

How can you make sure you are getting the feeling of luxury that you desire?

Let’s start with the quality of materials used in your space. For example, there are plenty of couches that look like the one below, but the materials used to construct the frame will vary, as will the filling and fabric used. It is these features that will determine whether you have a couch that is luxurious to sit on. The wood grain or metallic finish and the upholstery fabric used will contribute to a couch that is luxurious to look at, rather than a cheap looking imitation.

The old saying goes that “you get what you pay for”. However, it is also true that a large price tag doesn’t guarantee far greater quality. It takes time and experience to know where to source superior materials from and Jane has worked with a large range of suppliers over many years. Jane can help you turn your favourite images into a luxurious reality.


Natural materials enrich a space and can have a calming effect. A beautiful example of natural materials providing richness is this leather armchair.

We all know that fast fashion is a problem. Well, so is fast furnishing. Choose durable sustainable materials, such as the fabric shown below. These modern fabrics look rich and vibrant and feel luxurious to the touch. They will also last much longer in your home or residential project.

Reclaimed timber is unique and perfect for a statement piece, like the table and shelf below. These are both excellent examples of the difference that quality craftsmanship can make in your space. You will find similar wooden tables in some retailers, however when you get up close you will see the difference in the wood grain and joinery of the tables. The construction and smooth finish of the table is what elevates it to a designer piece.

Keep an open mind and consider a range of materials as each have unique features to add to your space. Bamboo is a versatile material that adds texture, as shown in the coffee table below.

The difference between a stylish space and a luxurious space is quality materials and craftsmanship. Whilst many retailers will offer poor imitations of the look you are after, Jane can help you create a luxurious space that you will relish spending time in.

Contact Jane today for your next renovation project and achieve your dream space with the excellent team at Jane Gorman Decorators & Developers!

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