Kitchens – The Heart Beat of The Home

Kitchens – The Heart Beat of The Home

As we have all experienced, The Kitchen has a very big attraction in bringing everyone together.

It doesn’t matter whether you are living alone in a small household or cooking for a large family regularly. We all require the kitchen to be both functional and well laid out to cater for various styles of cooking. In recent years we have seen the popular inclusion of butlers pantries where ever the space permits. This certainly has its advantages in keeping the main kitchen always looking its best.


Kitchens – Modern or Traditional?

When my clients require a timeless kitchen I ensure the colour palette is white/soft greys. I ensure throughout the design process that I educate my clients as to the different styles available. My clients either request a modern and minimalistic style or the classic style with moulded doors look. The modern minimalistic style door/draw front has a plain front and no handles with a satin or gloss finish.

Alternatively, a moulded door is referred to as the ‘Hamptons’ or ‘Regent’ style. I do receive many requests for the The Hamptons style door given it is currently on trend. The ‘Hamptons’ style of door is often used in beach seating or in the classical French provincial look. While the regent style heavily moulded door is often used in the very traditional style of home. These style of doors or draws often use a mixture of knobs and handles and are also in a satin or gloss finish.

Due to the increased building of apartments and townhouses, the kitchen has also taken on a different roll. The kitchen is constantly on show and space is often a challenge in incorporating the basics, plus a few extra items. Such as incorporating integrated fridges, pull out pantries, multi function ovens, built in coffee machines. This all gives to a very streamlined, functional and aesthetically pleasing look in what is often the only dining and living space in the home. The use of veneer in these kitchens is very popular at the moment and is being specified by a large number of architects and designers. The veneer board tends to give a kitchen a more sophisticated vibe.

Bench tops and splash backs have seen a range of popular trends. Everything from tiles on the bench tops and splash backs which was very popular in the 1970’s. I can remember my parents having such a kitchen which were orange and considered very on trend at the time!

The most popular bench tops that have been around for a while and that will continue to be popular are the granite or marble bench tops. Followed by polished concrete or stainless steel. The most popular splash back is definitely the stone splash back whether it be granite or marble and now closely followed by the mirrored splash back or tiled.

“At the end of the day a white kitchen will always be on trend”. Most kitchens when custom designed for the client often reflect there personality as well as there style of cooking.

Happy cooking everyone and bon appetite!


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