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Don’t go it alone!

Most of us love to trawl through interior design magazines, get inspiration and often have great intentions.  It’s not until you’ve made some fairly significant purchases that you may realise your perfect new pieces don’t all go with each other, or don’t fit in your space as you’d thought!

From your front entry you can make a beautiful statement of your home.  Don’t leave it to chance though, it may cost you significantly.  This is why Jane Gorman Decorators and Developers are here to help you!

To put together a living room with all the individual pieces you need to gather to make a truly beautiful collection, takes skill.  Many factors need to be considered, firstly your room dimensions, including your ceiling height, windows, their position according to the sun movement etc etc.

A dining room is easy though, you say…think again!
What size room is it?
What size table do you require?
What size will actually fit?
What material do you want your table to be made from?
Will this withstand your family’s daily routine?
How many seats do you need or want?
What fabrics are best for your family situation?
What style lighting do you like?
Where can this be placed/what’s the situation with your existing ceiling?
Do you need wall sconces, pendants, lamps on a buffet?
Is there room for a buffet to keep things handy?
Etc, etc…

Not so easy when you start to think about all the details!

Before you start purchasing anything, make your list of things you like, styles, colours etc, sure.
But then give Jane Gorman Decorators a call to have your project designed, implemented and executed to perfection!  This is why we are here – to give you the most beautiful home you ever wished for 🙂

Call Jane Gorman Decorators today to make your interior design dreams come true.


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