Turning Unused Rooms Into Valuable Spaces

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Posted on January 16, 2020

I often get a phone call from new clients to say that they have an existing dining room or study or space bedroom that they would like to repurpose. This is always a great idea and also far more cost effective than extending or moving house.

Turning a front lounge room into a home office has become very popular for people that choose to run there business from home. As this room is located at the front of the house and close to the front door, when seeing clients you can still maintain your privacy in the rest of the home. Given the increased number of people running there businesses from home this makes for both a practical and financially smart decision.

Also given our relaxed style of living these days the idea of having two dining areas is no longer required therefore turning an existing dining room into another TV room or theatre room is a popular choice. As is turning it into a reading room to escape to where there is no TV!

Another popular choice is turning that unused formal dining room into a combined study and computer room for both adults and the kids to use. This room is often located near the kitchen so when preparing a meal it is a great way of keeping track of kids computer time while also keeping on top of those endless emails. It makes multi tasking that much easier to achieve.

Quite often a study is turned into a music room for either the budding musician in your home or for the experienced musician who still enjoys playing the piano or guitar. Using these rooms to showcase various collections of music memorabilia and vinyl records have become popular and create a wonderful oasis to relax in while enjoying a glass of wine as you listen to your favourite songs.

The spare bedroom will become a gym which given we are time poor these days means this eliminates the excuses that I am too tired to leave the house when I get home to go to the gym. This also eliminates the need for a gym membership or trying to juggle around our busy schedules.

When to comes to trying to incorporate a butlers pantry into an existing kitchen if there is s spare bathroom located next to the kitchen I highly recommend taking advantage of this as the plumbing for the sink and tap and dishwasher is already there which is a big saving on cost.

In some of the older homes where the master bedroom has no walk in dressing room or master ensuite and a spare bedroom/study and a bathroom is next to the master bedroom then opening up these walls to gain access to these existing rooms is a wonderful way of creating a luxurious and practical master suite area for you to relax in after a busy day.

Garageā€™s are also a wonderful source of space that can be turned into a great outdoor games room complete with a billiard table or ping pong table and wall mounted TV and sound system. As this can be accessed externally by visiting family and friends it eliminates the need to have everyone walking through your home and is another valuable asset to our alfresco style of living.


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