Shoes, Handbags, Belts, Perfume…Where Do Yours Fit?

Walk, don’t run!

A walk in robe should be one of luxury and grandeur, but most of all it has to be very well planned to ensure there is a space for everything, so everything is in it’s place!

A good place to start is to divide your space into at least 2.  One side for you and one side for them – if they’re lucky!  Have a think about what items you have and plan where you’d like to place these items based on the flow through of your WIR into either your bedroom or ensuite.  How you function on a daily basis will determine a lot of the placement of hanging space, drawers, shoe storage, etc.

A great place to start is from the floor up.  How many pairs of shoes do you have?  This will determine how much of the lower area needs to be allocated to your shoe storage.  Do you want pull out drawers or shelves for this storage?  Do you prefer to have a slide out rack like in this image above?

Do you prefer to have a make up or jewellery drawer where you can sit and do these tasks while still within your wardrobe space?  It doesn’t require much space and if you use a full length mirror back lit with LED lighting like this image, you still have use of the end wall which would otherwise just be a mirror.  Great planning…

If your current home has historic restrictions and you can’t move a window but really want a particular room for your WIR, no problems!  Cabinetry can be built around this and having natural light in your WIR is a bonus!  You can place cupboard doors on your robes to hide all your items from prying neighbours while still enjoying that lovely natural light.  Adding a simple foot stool gives you somewhere to take shoes off or put them on without taking up much space too.  This WIR above is very sleek and neat and by adding beautiful brass handles on your doors and drawers contributes to the luxe factor.

Start your WIR plan today by making a list of all your items to be housed.  Have a think about how you get ready in the morning, what items you wear the most, and what are your “wants” in your WIR.  This is the beginning of your WIR plan!  Then call Jane Gorman Decorators and we will do the rest for you!  You won’t believe the difference a well structured and planned WIR makes to your daily routine.


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