Melbourne interior decorator Jane Gorman calls the City of Melbourne home for her and her company. Jane designed and built her first home in 1982 when she was 21 years old in Templestowe, Victoria. Furthermore, this was whilst working for an interior designer and studying. In 1990, just prior to her second child, Jane designed and built her second home on an acre property.

Jane Gorman Decorators & Developers

Jane Gorman has had a deep passion for interior decorating and property development. Jane’s passion grew from working in property with Barry Plant from a young age. Jane Gorman Decorators & Developers was registered in a time where there was no computer, email or mobile phones. Therefore, Jane primarily used an electric golf ball type writer, hand drawings and a landline to conduct business. Furthermore, there was no ability to coordinate with tradespeople via mobile phone. As a result, there was also no ability to create drawings on computers. Over the years in the industry, technological advancements have made business communications more efficient. As a result, it also made the design aspect easier. However, Jane still prefers to hand draw her clients designs. 


Melbourne Interior Decorator Jane’s Passion for Design

Melbourne Interior Decorator Jane Gorman has always held a passion for marine design. As a result, Jane’s remained active with the Royal Brighton Yacht Club. Her involvement saw the company expand operations into marine decorating and design in 2000. Furthermore, Jane has been actively involved within the Melbourne community. Therefore, Jane has become the leading interior designer and project manager in Melbourne with over 35 years of experience. As a result, Jane can offer her clients the whole service when it comes to designing and renovating their home.

Melbourne interior designer Jane Gorman always utilises the space in ones own home to create a luxurious environment. Therefore, identifying the purpose that each space is going to be used for is the initial step in designing and decorating.

Hence, Melbourne Interior Decorator Jane Gorman, for over the past 30 years, has portrayed this message to her clients. As a result of Jane’s well thought out designs she can bring together practicality and luxury within a space. As a result of Melbourne’s constantly changing weather, intelligent interior design is paramount. Therefore, Jane Gorman over the years has been able to provide her clients with multi-purpose spaces that can be used all year round.

Whether her clients are in bayside Brighton, along the front beach of Sorrento or at the foothills of the Dandenongs, Jane’s ability to design functional and glamorous spaces for all size homes and budgets is unquestionable. Therefore, Jane’s long association with Melbourne has given her the knowledge and experience to give her clients what they need when they call her for interior design and project management services.


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