Vancouver Interior Decorator Jane Gorman has been designing interiors for her clients in and around the harbour area. First of all, Vancouver is nestled between the majestic Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. Consequently, most residences look over Vancouver harbour or the beautiful Cypress Mountain. Furthermore, apartment living dominates the downtown area. As a result, designing in confined spaces is challenging, nevertheless it offers unique opportunities for clients. 

In the initial consultation Jane works with her clients to achieve their design goals. As a result of working with Jane, the client is provided with extensive knowledge of the design process. Another benefit of expalining the design process to the client is that it allows them to be apart of their own project. Therefore, Jane’s clients are educated throughout their project because of the knowledge they have gained in the design process. Also, Jane’s clients help design their own project which creates graditifcation upon completetion. 

Vancouver Interior Decorator Jane Gorman had the pleasure over the years of being able to travel to Vancouver on a regular basis to meet with her clients.

As a result of being in Vancouver to visit her clients, Jane has also attended various interior design trade shows. Hence, Jane regularly attends the Interior Design Show Vancouver (IDS). Because Vancouver’s climate is similar to Melbourne, Jane Gorman has been able to incorporate sensible interior design practices from her projects in Melbourne into the vibrant city.

Jane’s experience in Vancouver has allowed her to create close working relationships with many other Vancouver designers and leading suppliers. Furthermore, building relationships with suppliers is important for any interior designer, especially relationships with local manufacturers.


Vancouver Interior Decorator Jane Gorman’s Philosophy

In her 35 years of experience in the industry and as an Interior Decorator, Jane has seen money been wasted on grand designs because they don’t incorporate functionality. Therefore, Jane often sees clients coming to her to fix their impractical designs. Seeing Jane’s clients relieved from the stress of the project is a primary objective for Jane. Futhermore, Jane has highly skilled and experienced tradespeople that have worked for her on many past projects.

“Forget grandeur, it is about the quality families want. Above all, I always listen to my clients to ensure that I quote within their budget. As a result, families can still have luxury products and a luxury home without needing to spend money that they don’t have. Another reason for quoting correctly is that it takes the financial stress out of the clients minds. As a result they enjoy the whole process much more than they otherwise would. Therefore, I always communicate and ensure I recommend suppliers that will offer quality products at an affordable price” – Vancouver Interior Decorator Jane Gorman.

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