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Toronto Interior Decorator Jane Gorman has worked on many of her clients penthouses within the within the Central Business District. As a result, Jane has also worked closely with overseas property developers on large scale projects.
Clear and effective communication is vital to ensure the project runs smoothly. Furthermore, it also ensures the clients time and money is not wasted. Project managing many developments and apartments throughout the world has seen Jane Gorman become experienced in this role. As a result, one of her speciality skills is designing and decorating apartment spaces.

Two hours North of Toronto, the country meets Lake Muskoka. As a result, beautiful cottages and cabins all have long views of the sparkling blue lakes. These cottages are framed by a dense canopy of pines and maple trees. Hampton style palatial estates, with wrap around sun decks, multi-storey boat houses, and 30ft cathedral ceilings accompanied with shingled roofs and weatherboards applies new design concepts whilst still having empathy for the architecture. Interior Designer and Decorator Jane Gorman has been providing interior design and decoration services for her clients throughout Canada, including Toronto. Therefore, Jane’s experience in the area is extensive.

Capturing the city skyline of Toronto is paramount to the design concept. Furthermore, being able to expose the space to natural light through floor to ceiling windows is important. Maintaining privacy is essential when designing the space with the client in an apartment. Therefore, luxury loft living in Toronto compliments Jane’s work in New York as her exclusive suppliers are able to work on properties across both locations.

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