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Jane Gorman’s Social Media¬†

Melbourne Interior Designer and Decorator Jane Gorman has been showcasing her work through her companies social media accounts. First of all, Jane Gorman believes in sensible yet luxurious designs. Due to technology, it is possible to showcase her designs to the rest of the world through social media. Therefore, being an interior decorator and designer in Melbourne doesn’t constraint Jane from sharing her work to the world. Hence, there is exposure to a wide variety of design images for her clients to draw inspiration from. Most noteworthy is Jane’s own portfolio of work. Hence, these images can be used to showcase current design trends that Jane has used. Furthermore, Jane Gorman throughout her design blog aims to inform you about her design experiences.

Our Content 

Our content ranges from visiting clients, meeting her suppliers and/or sourcing inspirational images. Therefore, being able to document what goes into the interior design process is paramount for young junior designers. Above all, good design takes time. The danger with social media is the lack of understanding that goes into an image or picture. Therefore, Jane is always striving to educate young designers on what it takes to be an interior designer.

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