Restaurant and Cocktail Bar

Founder, Interior Designer & Decorator Jane Gorman has launched her second bespoke cocktail bar and restaurant in her collection. Providing their guests with a memorable experience is the goal of the Advocate. The team ensure to provide guests with an internationally inspired tapas menu, accompanied by an extensive wine and cocktail list. Head Chef at The Advocate, Tim Malligan, has worked extensively with well established restaurant groups. Therefore, when plating food Tim understands the process is crafting a unique menu. The Advocate takes their guests on a culinary journey within Victoria. The Advocate is proud to promote the best local produce Victoria has to offer. By promoting local produce they ensure that their guests are provided with a bespoke restaurant and cocktail bar in their own neighbourhood.

Jane has been an interior designer and single mother who has raised three grown up children. Therefore, Jane is dedicating a creative space to each of her children that reflects their accomplishments and chosen careers. The English common law legal system is the inspiration for The Advocate. This is due to the fact that Christian, Jane’s youngest son, is in his final year of law school. Jane has also drawn inspiration from her travels to London and through English interior design concepts.

Jane chose Balwyn as the location for her second bespoke cocktail bar and restaurant. This was due to the traditional English architecture within the community. Furthermore, living in the local area, Jane knew Balwyn was lacking for a luxurious space to entertain family and friends.


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July 2019

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