Luxury Ivanhoe Apartment

The client was very involved with the renovation of her luxury Ivanhoe apartment. Giving the client the ability to have their say in the project is vital for any interior designer. The client is the one who has to live in the space and therefore as an interior designer, their choice will always take priority. As an interior designer Jane designed a wide range of pieces to which the client selected exactly which designs complemented her space.

The client was seeking a modern fresh yet luxurious space. Having used Jane’s company many years ago for their home, the client was downsizing to an apartment. However, the client wanted to keep a sense of luxury by selecting and having customised pieces of furniture.

One of the challenges with this project was working within a confined apartment space. Having it been designed with a relatively small kitchen and entertaining area, the client needed to maximise their space functionality. This was the main consideration when designing and choosing pieces of furniture for the client.



Key Design Features

Given the limited space within the kitchen and living room, the client needed to have flexibility for entertaining family and friends. A key design feature in this luxury Ivanhoe apartment is the mobile kitchen island bench. What makes this unique and luxe is that the wheels are completely hidden from sight and allows the client to make their space adaptable when they are entertaining. The client needed to be able to open up their space, but when it was just them in the apartment, they needed it to feel warm and cosy. 

Another key design feature in the space is the bright green sitting chairs. They were designed by Jane to be pushed together to create a lounge or kept separate as luxurious sitting chairs. This furthermore adds flexibility within the clients space in how she uses her living/kitchen room. Adding colour and pop to the room was essential as it complemented her outdoor courtyard area. Coming into Summer it also adds freshness to the room. 


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October, 2018

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