It is very important for interior designers to listen to their clients needs. As a result, the client was involved throughout this luxury contemporary project. Designing bespoke furniture can be expensive and thus it needs to suit their needs. Melbourne Interior Designer Jane Gorman ensures all of her clients wishes are reflected in their unique furniture. Jane and her suppliers have a wide range of unique fabrics that are not accessible to the public.

Being quite a large property and a new build it required all new furniture. Visualising a new build home can be difficult for designers and clients. However with Jane’s 2D and 3D modelling services, it allows for the client to visualise their new home. Based on the models the client and Jane were able to ensure the property complimented all of the clients needs.

The client wanted modern contemporary interiors to match the exterior facade. Jane was able to compliment the exterior of the home with her selection of furniture throughout the property.

Melbourne Interior Designer Jane Gorman worked closely with her clients on this new build property. A key advantage when engaging Jane Gorman on a new build home is that the client can have anything they wish. Jane encourages her clients to engage her services whilst they are planning their new home build as once the property has been built, it can limit a client’s design goals. Working from the finished result backwards ensures that the property can suit the clients needs.


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