Melbourne interior designer Jane Gorman completed the latest of her contemporary spaces with this soft furnishing renovation in Wheelers Hill. Jane’s client came to her with the idea of creating a new look to their family and dining room. Contemporary spaces are in essence a modern fresh look that is on trend with current design practices. Jane prepared her clients with a soft furnishings quote which included a new luxe dining table + side tables, artwork, floor rug, lighting and two sofa’s. When meeting with her clients, it was made clear their design goal was to create a contemporary space. Jane worked within their budget to source and design pieces of furniture that replicated a contemporary space.


A key feature of the space is the luxe dining table accompanied by the contemporary dining chairs. The dining table was sourced from a local supplier in Melbourne. The artwork prints were from Jane’s long time suppliers and close friends the Designer Boys. As seen in Jane’s other projects, the important aspect of this room is keeping the colour palette light and fresh given the limited amount of natural light that is being brought into the space. Working alongside her furniture manufacturer and fabric suppliers, Jane was able to customise the sofa’s to pick up on the colours of the rug. The seating cushions were also customised in a contrasting fabric.


Jane has found that many designers forget to incorporate intelligent design when dealing with their clients. The portable marble sides give flexibility to the space without being too intrusive. Jane’s clients are able to move them when they need to ensure the space is more open.

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If you would like more information on this project or any ideas relating to contemporary spaces, please don’t hesitate to reach out to interior designer Jane Gorman. We welcome all inputs and hope we can tailor a design package to suit your budget and design goals.

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