New York Interior Decorator Jane Gorman has always had a deep passion for design. This passion has existed since Jane built and designed her first home at the age of 21. As a result, Jane has made it her mission to attend various trade shows in New York City. Hence, Jane is a regular attendee at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF). Furthermore, Jane is always looking for high quality suppliers for her international clients. As a result, Interior Designer Jane Gorman is constantly reminded that she is the only Australian that makes the effort to attend the trade shows. Therefore, New York suppliers have found it a pleasure working alongside Jane on her projects.

Jane has chosen NYC to be the place in which she will launch her upcoming Signature Range collection. As a result, boasting exclusivity and high quality manufactured pieces of furniture, Jane’s range will complement a luxury apartment and/or residential home. Because of her long time in the industry, Jane has identified gaps in the interior decorating market. Therefore, being able to create unique pieces of furniture that boast quality, thoughtfulness and practicality is the main motivation behind Jane launching her Signature Range. Above all, providing bespoke products to her clients allows Jane’s clients to feel special.

“If you love what you do, you haven’t worked a day in your life”. – New York Interior Decorator Jane Gorman. 


New York Interior Decorator – Loft Apartment

NYC Interior Designer Jane Gorman is excited to announce plans to purchase and renovate a New York Loft. As a result, this will be exclusively available to her clients allowing them to enjoy and experience New York living. Furthermore, this vision of Jane’s is aimed at giving her clients a reliable and luxurious place to escape. As a result, this will be the case whether they are on a holiday or in New York City for business. As Jane acquires her New York City property, we will keep you updated on the design elements that will be featured.

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