Modern Residence

Modern Residence – Interior Designer Jane Gorman

Existing clients of Jane Gorman upon completing the renovation of their modern residence. Furthermore the property resembled a brick veneer family home. First of all, the property looked to complement their new large spaces with customised soft furnishings. Also, Jane Gorman worked with her clients to create a contemporary luxurious and glamorous family environment. Another, working with her trusted suppliers, Jane Gorman was able to customise many of the pieces in the space to create this modern contemporary project. Furthermore, the client had a strong liking for bright colourful artwork. Therefore, prints were selected to complement the customised soft furnishings.

Because, a key aspect of interior designing is the ability to make subtle contrasts within a space. Therefore, Jane Gorman made it a feature of this design project to contrast various colours within the space to make statements. Hence, the dining table and modern contemporary chairs are an immediate contrast to the dark timber polished floor boards. Above all, the prints hanging on the wall contrast the wall colour, nevertheless, they still have empathy for the dining table and chairs. Furthermore, Subtle blue seat cushions also pick up on the colours in the print on the wall which compliments the space. Therefore, many designers try and make various statement pieces in a room which can become easily crowded and unbalanced. As a result, the art of elegance and subtly is what separates Jane Gorman from other designers.

Modern Residence – Utilising Space

First of all. the client previously had not utilised all their living spaces prior to them being furnished. Hence, Jane Gorman was able to provide continuity and elegance as the client walked through all the connecting spaces. Therefore, the client is now able to entertain their growing family by maximising the spaces in their beautiful home. Furthermore, Jane Gorman understood the clients needs which was to cater for their growing family. Rather, Jane created three spaces within one room so the clients and their family can enjoy an opening living environment.

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