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Finch and Jane – Latest Interior Design Project

First of all, Melbourne Interior Designer Jane Gorman designed a modern dentist practice for her clients. Also, The dentist practice needed new rennovating given it was old looking. Hence, new bright fresh colours were used in the design concept. Furthermore, the waiting area used new fabric and materials. Another, new lamps, rugs, tables. Furthermore, a large blind for under the window was selected. Finally, Jane has been working with her contractors for over 15 years. Therefore, she understands that all of her clients, regardless of budget. Furthermore, her clients required a high quality products. Above all, Jane’s extensive time in the commercial industry has given her access to fabrics and products plus samples. Furthermore, the new modern dentist practice is greatful for this knowledge and experience.

Modern Dentist Practice  in Camberwell 

Founder, Interior Designer & Decorator Jane Gorman has launched her second commercial project in her collection. Therefore, providing her clients with a new modern dentist practice. Hence, Jane’s team ensured to was modern and luxurious.  Therefore, the dentist practice takes their guests off the painful operations with the new designs. The modern dentist practice is proud to promote the best local materials Victoria has to offer. Furthermore, by promoting local Jane can ensure that the materials last a long time. 

Furthermore, Jane has been an interior designer and single mother who has raised three grown up children. Therefore, Jane is ensuring she always does high quality commercial work. The dentist practice colours are inspired from the medical communities colour pallaete. As a result. Jane has also drawn inspiration from her travels to London and through English dentistry interior design concepts.

First of all, Jane chose Camberwell as the location for her second dentist clients clinic. This was due to the traditional English architecture within the community. Furthermore, living in the local area, Jane knew Camberwell was lacking for a luxurious space to entertain family and friends.

Furthermore, no job is too big or too small for Jane. She looks forward to hopefully working with you in the future on your modern property. Therefore, for more projects please do visit our Melbourne Design Projects page on our website.

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