Modern Contemporary Residence

Modern Contemporary Residence – Latest Interior Design Project

First of all, Melbourne Interior Designer and Decorator Jane Gorman has recently completed this soft furnishings renovation project. Hence, from the photos the project was of a living room in Hawthorn. Also, Jane’s clients engaged her to provide soft furnishings for their luxurious townhouse. Another, a key aspect of this project for Jane was being able to listen to her clients. As they were wanting to keep a few existing pieces of furniture. Furthermore, when designing the interior and exterior of a clients residential home. It is important to listen to their needs and their end goals. Fianlly, Jane was able to provide her clients with a design brief that allowed for a balance of new. Furthermore, it allowed Jane’s clients to use the existing pieces of furniture.

Modern Contemporary Residence – Contact Jane Gorman

Due to, out of the pieces that were designed and installed by Jane in this project. The Florence Sofa together with the customised Ottoman and two smaller square Ottomans were the feature. Above all, the soft grey colour palette of the couch and ottomans was chosen to tie in smoothly with the floor rug. Therefore, this also provides linkage in the space. Furthermore, when designing interiors. It is important to provide flexibility and adaptability when interacting in the space. Abover all, Jane’s clients are able to now use their space in various ways when entertaining. Therefore, the use of ottomans in the space allows for them to be removed easily.

Therefore, this allows the space to be more open when entertaining guests. Furthermore, the wooden side tables complement the space. Hence, Contact Jane Gorman today for your next modern contemporary residence project. 

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