Luxury Traditional Residence

Luxury Traditional Residence – Latest Project 

FIrst of all, Melbourne Interior Designer Jane Gorman has worked with her client on her latest interior design project. Also, the luxury traditional residence is in the eastern suburbs of Surrey Hills. Another, the client was needing to freshen up her home with a bright welcoming colour palette. Furthermore, Jane started the interior design project with her clients front living room. Due to, given the front living room is a place to entertain guests, providing comfortable yet flexible seating arrangements was a key part of the design. Furthermore, Jane also provided design advice to her client regarding bathrooms. Therefore, this project is ongoing for Jane and her client as they work together as co-creators. Hence, toward the end of 2018, Jane’s client was seeking to add colour with a soft traditional colour palette.

Furthermore, “When I use colour I ensure that I do not compete with each other. As a result, this is essential for any designer when choosing colours with their client” – Interior Designer Jane Gorman.   

Entertaining Space – Luxury Traditional Residence 

Hence, Jane and her client ensured that the space offered functionality for entertaining family and friends. Above all, positioning corner chairs that were moveable depending on the occasion was a key design choice. Furthermore, providing a ottoman allows the space to be adaptable and provide extra comfort for Jane’s client when they are not entertaining guests. Consequently, ”The front living room of a home is a critical component when designing the interiors of your clients space. Therefore, functionality has to always remain within a designers mind as my clients tend to focus more on the aesthetics. Even more, I worked with my client to ensure that the space was functional yet provided the wow factor to her family and friends.” – Interior Designer Jane Gorman.


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