Luxury Townhouse

Luxury Townhouse – Jane’s Latest Project

First of all, Jane’s clients approached her for the interior painting and decorating of a newly purchased elegant home in Toorak. Hence, Jane’s clients were downsizing from a large family home but still needed to cater for their grown up family and grandchildren. Therefore, the design concept was to cater to the traditional style of the property whilst blending in luxury contemporary soft furnishings. Furthermore, given the large budget of Jane’s client, sourcing unique fabrics and customising most pieces of furniture is what gives this project a luxury contemporary style.

Above all, Jane designed a custom desk and bookcase together with the modern wing chair, ottomans and sofa in the front sitting room. Therefore, the front sitting room is the first space the client enters into from the property. Therefore, keeping the colour palette refined and elegant allows the space to continue on the design concept of luxury contemporary. Consequently, all the scatter cushions were custom made from Jane’s suppliers. Furthermore, the rug and lamps were sourced from Jane’s preferred suppliers in Melbourne. Therefore, the white marble side tables and large decorative mirror completed a luxurious yet relaxed space. As a result, the mirror creates depth within the space opening it up.

Luxury Townhouse – New Project, New Designs

Furthermore, the client did request the interior walls and ceilings to be repainted based on Jane’s recommendations. Therefore, the existing brown leather couches were incorporated into the new design as per the clients request. Hence, Jane replaced the existing traditional pendant lighting as it created a disjoined look. Rather, Jane sourced new luxury contemporary pendant lighting, creating a sense of openness and opulence in the room.

As a result, Jane’s trade team removed the existing sliding doors and replaced them with two large french doors and glass side panels which brought the outdoors in. Therefore, this allowed more natural light penetrated the space and lifted the colours off the soft furnishings. Furthermore, Jane wanted all of the spaces in the home to serve their purposes whilst remaining luxurious. In contrast, the family, dining and kitchen areas have continuous flow therefore creating a great space to entertain.


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