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Luxury Penthouse – Jane’s Latest Project

First of all, Jane’s clients approached her to discuss renovating and designing their luxury houseboat. Hence, Jane’s clients were renovating their luxury houseboat which they use for personal leisure. Therefore, the design concept was too cater for a modern, on the water living design  Furthermore, given the large budget of Jane’s client, sourcing unique pieces and customised furniture was required. 

Above all, Jane designed the new kitchen island bench and feature wine wall. Therefore, the kitchen is the heartbeat of this luxury houseboat. Therefore, keeping the colour palette to blues, silvers and greys were in keeping with the marine design. Consequently, all the ceiling lights were custom made to be large. Furthermore, the acrylic table base was imported in from China. Therefore, they make the table float as if it was on the water. As a result, the dining table offers a point of difference for Jane’s clients.

Luxury Houseboat – New Marine Design Project 

Furthermore, the client did request the kitchen, walls and lounge area within the marine colour scheme. Therefore, the use of grey in the kitchen and white made it look modern. Hence, Jane replaced the existing lighting with the new large circle lights. Rather, Jane sourced new luxury sofas and cushions to make the luxury houseboat feel more special. 

As a result, Jane’s trade team and boat builders removed existing plumbing and installed their own. Therefore, this allowed more modern bathroom fittings which kept with the design theme. Furthermore, Jane wanted all of the spaces in the luxury houseboat too impress her clients. In contrast, the kitchen and lounge area were kept open to allow a free flow of traffic in the space.

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