Luxury European Residence


Jane’s clients approached her to discuss designing their European residence. The design concept was to cater to a luxurious European style, with a white/ cream colour theme and blue accent velvet furnishings. Furthermore, given the budget of Jane’s client, sourcing unique pieces and furniture was not difficult. Therefore, Jane’s clients did not need to stress about the budget for their home.

Above all, Jane designed the new living area with luxurious and high-quality furniture. The living room of this European-style residence is the home’s heartbeat. Keeping the colour palette in green/blue tonings and mild cream tones kept the design within the client’s brief. Furthermore, all the windows and soft furnishings in the living areas and the bedrooms were custom made. Therefore, the window seats made the bedrooms more luxurious and gave the client and their family more natural light access. As a result, the new design offers a point of difference for Jane’s clients.



Furthermore, the client requested Jane to redesign the walk-in wardrobe in the master bedroom with a more feminine colour theme and lighter furnishings. Because as a businesswoman and a mum, the changing room is a significant space for her bedroom.

Furthermore, the green and blue fabrics used in the living room and the new artwork made the house look more modern and luxurious. Jane replaced the existing artwork with the contemporary Designer Boys art. Also, Jane designed new luxury custom-made sofas and cushions to make this European-style residence feel elegant and deliver a prestigious family lifestyle. 

Overall, Jane’s trade team and builders removed the old existing windows and all the old furniture and window furnishings. They also renovated the bedrooms, including the walk-in wardrobe, bathrooms, and kitchen areas. In addition, she elevated the residence’s colour theme from a dark and gloomy tone to a creamy light tone. Therefore, this allowed for a more luxurious and European feel to their home. Furthermore, Jane wanted her clients to enjoy more natural light in their house, so she redesigned the window furnishings throughout the home and selected elegant fabrics for the curtains and blinds to satisfy their needs. Finally, in contrast to the white/cream theme in the living room, Jane decorated the outdoor area with vibrate ocean blue furnishings and greenery to create a relaxed space for her clients and their guests.



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