Luxury Edwardian Residence

Luxury Edwardian Residence – Jane Gorman Latest Interior Design Project 

First of all, this Luxury Edwardian Residence in Mont Albert required modern contemporary soft furnishings. Hence, Jane’s clients approach her with the design vision of designing a new living and family are together with their front sitting room and bathroom. Furthermore, Jane Gorman created 2D and 3D sketches and imagery to assist her clients with what their design goals were to be. Finally, having refined her designs based on their vision, Jane was able to strike the right balance between Edwardian design and modern Contemporary design.

Furthermore, the design process began in the front sitting and master bedroom of her clients property. Therefore, The style of the luxury edwardian property was very evident in the luxury design. As a result, providing new celling lights started the incorporation of modern contemporary elements in the home. Above all,, together with new coffee tables, artwork prints and mirrors, the front sitting room was integrated with modern elements. Hence, the master bedroom incorporated new ceiling lights together with window furnishings and artwork prints. Therefore, due to the limited natural light in the master bedroom. Above all, Jane designed window furnishings that weren’t overbearing and suited the style of modern contemporary. Therefore, these window furnishings when retracted allow maximum natural light into the space.

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Due to, the bathrooms in the property were kept minimalistic and modern. Jane kept within the colour palette of this luxury Edwardian residence stones and earthy colours in the bathroom. Furthermore, new bench top basins and a walk in shower allowed Jane’s clients added luxury. Hence, down lighting also highlighted the mirror which created a large space subconsciously. Furthermore, the living area of the property was kept open and vibrant. Rather, a customised Jane Gorman bookshelf was designed and made for her clients. In Contarst, the property has a refined balance of luxury Edwardian residence and modern contemporary for her clients to use and enjoy.

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