Luxury Art Deco

Luxury Art Deco, this was the latest project by Melbourne interior designer and decorator Jane Gorman. As a result, this luxury art deco design was completed in 2015. Furthermore, Jane Gorman had an extensive budget to complete major structural renovations on the luxuryt interiors. Hence, the design end goal was to create a luxury Art Deco property in which a large family could use. Therefore, having this design goal of Jane’s clients in mind. Above all,  Jane was able to create a unique and customised renovation which featured many bespoke and once of design concepts.  

Furthermore, the main feature of this luxury Art Deco property was the add on extension which incorporated many additional rooms to the property. Hence, the master bedroom & ensuite, 2 extra bedrooms with sharing ensuite and a long hallway occupied the upper level of the extension. Due to, below was a home gym, sound proof theatre & library room and entertainment area/tiled garage. Therefore, the French doors on the extension were customised and made specially for the property. Similarily, being able to open both doors allows the bottom floor of the extension to meet the outside court yard of the property. Hence, the installation of motorised blinds across the extension allowed versatility in using the space throughout the year.

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Furthermore, the main feature of the luxury Art Deco outdoor court yard is the integrated swim spa and spa units. However, this has never been done before until Jane Gorman created the design. Thereforer, this allows the pools to be raised from young children and pets as well creates a sense of luxury. Due to, the use of levels helps separate the swim spa and spa from the outdoor living area and kitchen. Therefore, creating multiple spaces within the one space. Due to, an undercover BBQ area equip with fridge and storage allows for the BBQ area to be self contained without the need to be using the interior kitchen.

Above all, this extension was a unique design by Jane Gorman in which her clients enjoyed with their family. 

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