Snow capped Whistler is best known for it’s wildlife, scenery, adventure and of course, the beautiful chalets. Interior Designer & Decorator Jane Gorman has had a presence in the Whistler community for over 4 years now. With her head studio in Melbourne, Interior Designer Jane Gorman is able to service Whistler with relative ease. Even though there are various designs of chalets all over the world, the characteristics of what makes a chalet unique remain the same. Therefore, the heavy use of natural materials, like wood, & stone and of course a grand fireplace are essential. Furthermore, these characteristics make the chalet style very cozy, practical and relaxing. As a result, Interior Designer Jane Gorman has preserved this unique look whilst working with clients and tradespeople.

“A room should never allow the eye to settle in one place” – Jane Gorman.

Incorporating new design elements into a home creates character. Interior Decorator Jane Gorman has called Whistler her second home for many years, as she is a avid skier. Furthermore, Jane’s time in Whistler has shown her of the lack in luxurious winter and summer properties that are available. Being able to modernise the design but still maintain the prestige and have empathy for the architecture is the recipe to be a successful interior designer in Whistler. As a result of her experience, Interior Designer Jane Gorman has been able to give her clients unique one off designs and access to leading suppliers from across the world. Jane has always favoured using local manufacturers to gain the highest quality possible. Jane bespoke designs is what separates herself from other interior designers in the Whistler area. Her wealth of knowledge that goes into practical yet luxurious designs is shown through her work.

Jane Gorman Black Estates

Interior Decorator Jane Gorman has announced her plan to purchase a piece of land in Whistler, turning it into a luxurious chalet retreat that her clients can enjoy. The property will be apart of the Black Estates Collection. Furthermore, boasting privacy and sophisticated high end decor, Jane’s clients will be able to escape into their own luxury holiday without even leaving the property!


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