Vancouver is nestled between the majestic Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. Therefore most residences look over Vancouver harbour or the beautiful Cypress Mountain. Interior Designer and Decorator Jane Gorman has been designing interiors for her clients in and around the harbour area.

In the initial consultation Jane works with her clients to achieve their design goals. As a result of working with Jane she provides extensive knowledge in the design process. Therefore, her clients are educated along the whole design process.

Melbourne based Interior Designer Jane Gorman had the pleasure over the years of being able to travel to Vancouver on a regular basis to meet with her clients and to attend various interior design trade shows. As a result of Jane travelling she regularly attends the Interior Design Show Vancouver (IDS). Therefore, since Vancouver has a similar climate to Melbourne, Jane Gorman has been able to incorporate sensible interior design practices into the vibrant city.

Jane’s experience in Vancouver has therefore allowed her to create close working relationships with many of Vancouver’s leading suppliers. Furthermore, building relationships with suppliers is important for any interior designer, especially relationships with local manufacturers.

In her 35 years of experience in the industry, Jane has seen money been wasted on grand designs because they don’t incorporate functionality. Therefore, Jane often sees clients coming to her to fix their impractical designs. Seeing Jane’s clients relieved from the stress of the project is a primary objective for Jane. Jane has highly skilled and experienced tradespeople that have worked for her on many past projects.

Jane’s Philosophy

“Forget grandeur, it is about the quality families want. I always listen to my clients to ensure that I quote within their budget. As a result, families can still have luxury products and a luxury home without needing to spend money that they don’t have. Therefore, I always communicate and ensure I recommend suppliers that will offer quality products at an affordable price” – Jane Gorman.


Influx of Vancouver Apartments

There is an influx of apartments in Vancouver therefore many more people are opting for an apartment lifestyle. Vancouver Interior Designer Jane Gorman works with her clients to create modern and luxurious apartments. With the development of many new residential apartments in Vancouver, designing multipurpose rooms that are functional yet luxurious is an important part of Jane’s design process. Therefore, ensuring that all rooms in an apartment are used is essential in creating unique and sensible designs.

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Jane Gorman wishes to inform you that as a result of privacy concerns the images are not a reflection of Jane’s past work. These images were sourced by Jane Gorman to showcase similar work she has incorporated into her designs.
Due to the privacy requested by Jane’s clients we cannot show Jane’s work in Vancouver publicly. As a result, we apologise for any miscommunication or confusion.

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