Jane’s Interior Design Portfolio

Jane’s design portfolio provides an insight into the past projects Jane has worked on with her clients. An interior designer is able to listen to the needs of their client and implement practical yet unique designs. Furthermore this should be communicated from the first consultation.

Jane understands her clients and their design objectives. Therefore, understanding the end goal is a key component of the design process. When designing Jane is able to understand how the space will be used by her clients. As a result of demographics in a household changing having a space that is adaptable is another key design element. As seen in Jane’s interior design portfolio, there are a wide range of styles and properties. This has further enhanced Jane’s ability to work with any clients request. Having Jane Gorman work on your project ensures each design is unique and never repeated. Each residential home, commercial space or luxury marine boat has its own character. Furthermore, creating a practical yet glamorous design for each new project is what makes Jane Gorman truly unique.

Jane’s Privacy Policy

Jane’s interior design portfolio only showcases a very limited range of past projects Jane has worked on. As a result of respecting the privacy of her clients, Jane has showcased a limited range of her projects. This ensures future clients have inspiration to draw from that can be incorporated into their next project. Jane is able to access off the market products that as a result are exclusive pieces of furniture. Having been an interior designer for over 35 years in Melbourne, Jane has worked on many projects with her clients. Jane and her clients become co-creators on the project. This allows her clients to be educated throughout the design process. 

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To add a ‘Sense of Style’ to your next residential, commercial or luxury marine project or to view more images in Jane’s interior design portfolio contact Jane Gorman.

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