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Jane Gorman has worked as an interior designer and decorator throughout the world. Working across different countries comes with its challenges. However, Jane Gorman has embraced each countries design elements. Being able to have empathy of the architecture of a home is a key element in the design process. Whether it be the harbour-side of Vancouver, the local leafy suburbs in Melbourne or the high rise apartment living in New York, each location has it’s own uniqueness. Jane Gorman has shown to her clients that practical design is key throughout the design process. Being a Melbourne based interior decorator has allowed Jane to have exposure to all the elements. Melbourne’s unique weather has allowed Jane Gorman to being further educated on what is practical design. Using her experience in Melbourne has allowed Jane to springboard herself onto the international design arena. 

Educating the client throughout the design process is critical. Jane has learnt, through her past clients, that when the client is involved it makes the project more enjoyable. Therefore, it allows the client to choose their own furnishings, with Jane Gorman’s guidance.

Location based interior design is critical when working with clients. Therefore, using materials that can cope with the harsh weather elements allows the client to have a stress free design process. Therefore, they know that the design choices will add value to their property in the long term.


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