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Interior design services offered by Melbourne interior designer Jane Gorman 

Design Services

Every project is unique and often spans from initial consultation and drafting, through to final finishes and soft furnishings. Therefore, the commencement stage is varied by each project. Some are a new build whilst others have already engaged an architect. Furthermore, a projects is may be an existing renovation and/or refurbishment. As a result, whatever stage the project is at, there are always a series of challenges faced that require problem solving.

Colour Scheme Services

The relationship with a client is established during the initial consultation. As a result, the vision is understood by both parties to ensure the design is driven by the client’s wants and needs. Jane and her client create a partnership where the vision and expertise is merged. Therefore they collectively achieve a considered and successful design outcome.

Project Management

The team of trades personnel who have worked with Jane is what makes her unique. The team have worked together for over 25 years. As a result, Jane undertakes a project manager role with her clients project. Therefore, this ensures her clients have one reliable point of contact and to make the process as straightforward. The team consists of builders, electricians, plumbers, painters, plasterers, cabinet makers and the list continues depending on each project. Furthermore, each trade understands the level of quality Jane is after. They work together to problem solve and reach conclusions together based on their knowledge and expertise.

Architectural Plans

The design development phase is where the concept is explored and defined through initial sketches. Jane and her team convert their drawings into a 2D. After numerous consultations and redraws, the design is then explored in 3D renderings in order to effectively communicate the design vision to the client. All documentation is produced in-house unless an architect has been engaged prior. Jane and the team ensure that the design development is appropriately documented and is openly shared with all trades and clients.

Custom Furnishings

Jane’s long-term experience and relationships within the industry have lead her to experienced bespoke suppliers. As a result, Jane designs customised furniture pieces and window furnishings for her clients projects. Companies such as Warwick and GlobeWest have well established fabric and furniture lines that are always showcasing current trends. Jane is regularly invited to exclusive previews of the upcoming ranges. Therefore, this provides her with an insight into the current design trends. Furthermore it allows her incorporate them into her current or future projects. Contact Jane Today for any furniture design enquiries.

Marine Design

Being a member of the Royal Brighton Yacht Club, Jane has a strong connection to the marine design industry. Therefore, being involved in marine design allows her to extend her services with existing clients. Through long-term relationships and referrals, Jane has had a consistent flow of work over her time in the industry. Jane will manage between 15-20 projects at a time. Nevertheless, every client is unique to Jane and her design team as they aim to produce high quality spaces at affordable prices.

Lamps & Lighting

Over the past 30 years, Jane Gorman has had access to Australia’s leading lamp and lighting manufacturers. As a result, they are able to customise any design or concept for Jane’s clients. Furthermore, Jane has also been using high end local lamp and lighting manufacturers to offer a vast product range that her clients. This allows her clients to have a wide range of options depending on the style their property. Having access and a close relationship with suppliers locally and around the world has also allowed Jane access to exclusive products that are not easily and readily available in Australia. This ensures her clients are getting unique and bespoke items that complement the design space.

Rugs & Floor Coverings

Jane Gorman Decorators and Developers has a long standing relationship with Jenny Jones Rugs whom specialises in customised handmade wool and silk designer rugs. As a result, Jenny and Jane will work with the client to design the perfect rug depending on the nature and size of the room, the colour and pattern. Most noteworthy is her connections with a long running Sydney based company who specialise in fine, rare and exceptional handwoven rugs. Thes feature both classic & contemporary styles. Therefore the rugs are perfect for those who wish to choose a pre designed rug.

Interior design services offered by Melbourne interior designer Jane Gorman 

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