Finch & Jane

Finch and Jane – Latest Interior Design Project

First of all, Melbourne Interior Designer Jane Gorman provided her clients in Balwyn with a new restaurant and bar called Finch and Jane. Also, Finch and Jane needed new rennovating. Including an  sofa in a customised fabric. Another, new floor lamps, carpet, custom bar, dining tables. Furthermore, a large table for under the coffee machine. Finally, Jane has been working with her suppliers for well over 20 years. Therefore she understands that all of her clients, regardless of budget. Furthermore, her clients required a high quality products. Above all, Jane’s extensive time in the restaurant industry has given her access to products, samples and fabrics. Furthermore, that are readily accessible by other designers.

Finch and Jane  in Balwyn 

First of all, Jane worked with her clients to pick colours that brightened up the restaurant. Therefore, lighting is a key feature of any bar in the home however in the deep fryer and living area. Therefore, it is especially important given a majority of the time spent is in these areas. Hence, picking fabrics for the ottomans and couch that brought the room to life were important. Due to, the tables and bar also showcase Jane’s theme of keeping the colours light and fresh. In contrast, establishing whiskey decanter lights contrast between the rug, coffee table and L shaped sofa also created a sense of balance in the modern property. Consequently, Jane in this contemporary project, ensured the spaces she designed is interactive and client friendly.

As a result, Finch and Jane by focusing on the end result, Jane is able to understand what the room will be used for. Therefore, she can offer a design concept that will incorporate functionality to maximise their living area. Due to, the angling the L shaped sofa on the rug to invite her clients to sit down when they enter the room also opens the space up. Furthermore, no job is too big or too small for Jane. She looks forward to hopefully working with you in the future on your modern property. Therefore, for more projects please do visit our Melbourne Design Projects page on our website.

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