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Design Portfolio is what Jane is showcasing below. View the Design portfolio here.

Design Portfolio

Design Portfolio is what Jane is showcasing below. View the Design portfolio here.

Jane Gorman has been working with her clients interior design projects for over 35 years. As a result, Jane has to created many unique and bespoke luxury designs. Furthermore, Jane has the ability to cater to any budget. Due to Jane’s experience in the industry, she has worked on many interior design projects. Therefore, a small selection are on display above. Consequently, due to privacy concerns Jane can only showcase a limited number of her past projects. However, if you wish to see more of Jane’s work or further images of projects please do contact us at: [email protected]

Because of the limited projects displayed we take the privacy of our clients very seriously. Hence, we do not upload, distribute or engage in any file sharing of our clients work without their express consent. If you would like to discuss our images further please contact us.

Given that Jane has worked for high profile clientele, we cannot sharee certain images online,. Therefore, Jane has sourced images in her portfolio which represent an accurate similarity in designs she has completed in the past.

Jane treats every project she engages in as if it was her first all those years ago. Every client that engages Jane is offered privacy and exclusivity in their designs before any content is shared to the public. Furthermore, we also do have videos of past projects that are available, upon the consent of our clients,. As a result, it can help in your interior design project planning.

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