Californian Residence

Californian residence is what Jane’s clients wanted for their home. As a result, Melbourne Interior Designer Jane Gorman worked with her client in renovating and decorating this Californian residence. Hence, when Jane’s clients wanted this design, Jane and her tradespeople worked hard to provide it.

Above all, Jane’s clients wanted to ensure they created a family home. Even more, most of the furniture was customary. Due to the fabrics selected, it took longer than a usual renovation. Furthermore, the cabinetry was selected to reflect the style of the home. Therefore, given that the client had a large budget, they selected unique materials. Furthermore, they were hand picked with visits from Jane’s suppliers. Furthermore, the Californian residence in Camberwell suits the area well. 

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Contact Jane Gorman today if you like this project. Furthermore, if you want to see more images, then contact Melbourne interior designer Jane Gorman today. Hence, many more images of the californian residence are available. Due to privacy concerns only a limited number of images can be displayed. As a result, we take our clients privacy seriously.  

“I worked with my client in providing zoned living and entertaining areas of the highest standards. As a result, my client had an emphasis on creating a family environment in which they could entertain friends and family for any occasion. I immediately noticed the properties classic period façade when I met with my client at their californian residence. The layout was very open which allowed me and my client to experiment with different colours and fabrics. By having a large expansive space we could use accent colours more strongly as they blended into the room easier than in a confined space. I used the colours of grey and white for my clients home. The colour palette chosen for the kitchen allowed for the space to remain bright and fresh. This was important as it made the space still feel expansive and welcoming”. – Interior Designer Jane Gorman.

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