Art Deco Classic

Because, the Art Deco Classic Residence in Mont Albert residence was a complete interior design renovation. Furthermore, the addition to the first floor extension to a period style Art Deco home. First of all, the clients specifically desired high-quality materials. Hence, the result is a luxurious, opulent toned theme. Furthermore, with flashes of black and mirror graphically punctuating the space throughout. Furthermore, we curated the art, furniture and soft furnishings, window treatments. Likewise, lighting and custom joinery to complement and seamlessly integrate with the existing environment. Therefore, the result is an admired interior, which finds the perfect balance between personality and a rich and luxurious space. Hence, the selected furnishings bring personality to each space. Above all, artworks are deliberately impactful, creating focal points within the home.

As a result, this Art Deco residence in Mont Albert brings glamour and enchantment to each room. Therefore, the dark stained floors, high ceilings and white crisp walls. Due to, the decoration focuses on creating ambient spaces of high quality selections and craftsmanship. Therefore this provides a new level of a captivating atmosphere. Therefore, the lighting selections bring another dimension to this family home. The dazzling lighting selections – table lamps, floor lamps and pendants dramatically revolutionize the spaces. Likewise, advancing from light pine floors, dark rooms and a family environment. Furthermore, this renovation is curated from the ground up.

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Hence, contact Jane Gorman today if you like this art deco classic residence. Furthermore, if you want to see more images, then contact Melbourne interior designer Jane Gorman today. Hence, many more images of the californian residence are available. Furthermore, due to privacy concerns only a limited number of images can be displayed. As a result, we take our clients privacy seriously. Above all, contact Jane for your project today. Even more, contact her now about your home. Finally, she can design your home. 

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